Intravenous Vitamin Infusions

Wanting to recover faster after workouts? Looking to get more nutrients in a faster and more direct route? Consider our IV Vitamin Drips to help maintain a more stable cellular makeup. 1 liter of your choice of Lactated Ringers or Normal Saline fluid infused with vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, A, D, E, K1 and folic acid: $75

Add ons/boosters:

  • B-12: $10
  • Vitamin C (improves immune system): $15
  • Vitamin D: $10
  • Double dose of vitamins: $30
  • Glutathione (prevents normal damage to cells) : $10
  • Biotin (beneficial for skin and hair quality): $10
  • Toradol (anti-inflammatory): $10


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