Semaglutide For Weight Loss

Weight Loss For Chronic Obesity

What Is It?

Semaglutide is a modified molecule that our body already produces, known as a GLP-1 analog. It works by lowering glucagon and increasing insulin (to lower blood sugars) as well as affect the part of the brain that controls appetite, reducing hunger. It has been modified from the molecule our body makes (which only lasts a few minutes) to a long acting version that lasts about a week. It was approved by the FDA for weight loss in June 2021.

How Does It Work?

  • Delays gastric emptying and slowing the intestinal system down, leading to fullness with less food and feeling full for a longer period of time after each meal
  • Stimulates insulin and reduces glucagon, and subsequently blood sugars
  • Reduces sugar production in the liver

How Much Does It Cost?

$300 for the first 8 weeks (lower dose, increasing gradually to allow your body to adapt)

$350 for each 8 week set after (increased dose)

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